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City of Rensselaer Planning Commission

Regular Meeting

Monday – July 15th, 2024 – 6:30 PM




Please note that this meeting will take place in CITY HALL at 62 Washington Street



  1. Call to Order

  2. Quorum Determination

  3. Communication

  4. Old Business

  5. New Business

  6. Next Meeting

  7. Adjournment




Tom Hulihan, Director of Planning and Development

  • Rensselaer Rising Brownfield Opportunity Area Study/Designation Update

  • Applications 2024 CFA Funding Round

  • Local Law Amend Chapter 179 Article I & II- Bed & Breakfast

  • City of Rensselaer Pedestrian Infrastructure ADA Compliance

  • Other Updates


Old Business:

  • Draft Minutes – Planning Commission Minutes – June 10th, 2024 Review/Approval

  • 227 Riverside - Matt Polsinello is seeking preliminary site plan review, a certificate of appropriateness and special use permit for a proposed additional building. Updated material provided action to be taken this evening.


New Business: 

  • 5 Riverside Ave – Kenny Candelaria is seeking a Certificate of Appropriateness for exterior improvements in a historic overly district. (Public Hearing to occur prior to review).

  • 36 Falcon Chase- Janet Smith is seeking Preliminary Site Plan Review and a Special Use Permit to operate a Bed and Breakfast on her property. (Public Hearing to occur prior to review).

  • 11 Fourth Avenue- Station Properties, LLC are seeking Preliminary Site Plan Review for a proposed 100 room hotel with dining and an event space. (Public Hearing to occur prior to review).

  • NEPA/SEQR- Tiered Environmental NEPA/SEQR Review of three (3) categorically exempt projects.



Next Meeting:  Monday, August 12th, 2024, @ 6:30 PM, City Hall-1st Floor Conference Room. Applications are due Tuesday July 16, 2024. Incomplete applications will not be placed on the agenda.

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