Frequently asked questions

Will I Bruise?

As much as we always try our best to avoid any visable blood vessels and take the upmost care when injecting, there is no guarantee you will not bruse during a procedure. The face has a network of vessels and capillaries that is impossible to totally avoid. I always tell patients that bruising is a noraml and expected part of any cosmetic injectable procedure, and to allow up to 2 weeks for any potential bruising and swelling to settle. It is important to factor this in if you have any important upcoming events or milestones.

Does It Hurt Having Anti Wrinkle and Fillers?

We apply topical anaesthetic and ice prior to most treatments to help with patient comfort. That, paired with a gentel and steady hand makes all treatments very barable.

How Long Can I Expect Results To Last?

Each treatment is different. Anti wrinkle treatments can last for up to 3 months, with other areas such a hyperhydrosis (underarm sweating) and masseter (jaw muscle) treatments lasting up to 6-9 months. Please understand that each individual is different and will metabolise anti wrinkle product differently to the next person. Certain auto-immune conditions may cause the product to metabolise quicker, as well as lifestyle factors such as exercise etc. and other health conditions. Different dermal fillers also have different expected longevity, depending on which product is used to treat a certain area. Generally, dermal filler can last anywhere between 6-18 months. Again, each individual is different and certain health conditions, lifestyle factors etc. may effect product longevity.

How Can I Make A Booking?

There are a few ways you can make a booking. You can click the "Book Now" button on this website which will take you to a booking link. Alternatively, I have a "Book Now" button on my Instagram Page, or you are always welcome to email OR call/text 0417 879 374 for any booking enquiries.

What Is The Aftercare?

Each patient that is suitable for treatment and goes ahead with treatment will be given detailed instructions on post procedure aftercare. They will be given a written copy of aftercare instructions as well as having a digital copy emailed to them after their appointment is complete.